Dishonesty shouldn’t be profitable.

Amulet puts reputation on the blockchain, exposing the accuracy of financial experts so traders can filter out the BS.

We trust our futures with experts everyday. Use blockchain to find the ones who get it right.

Reputation, Decentralized

The Decentralized Reputation Ledger allows you to find and compare experts based on how accurate they've been in the past.

Start Using Real Expertise

Bid on investment insights from experts with measurable reputations using Amulet Tokens. Filter for and subscribe to expertise on specific crypto tech.

Are you an Expert?

Give your Audience a Reason to Trust You

Use Amulet tokens [XAM] to write predictions to the Decentralized Reputation Ledger. They get automatically checked for accuracy. Your proof of accuracy is securely stored on the Decentralized Reputation Ledger and can be verified by any potential investor.

Move Past Marketing

Instead of relying on marketing and self-promotion, experts get discovered based on how often they've been right - not how many views they receive. With a measurable proof of accuracy linked to your identity, you can focus on thoughtful analysis, instead of marketing chores to attract a following.

Why Blockchain


The prediction history and accuracy of each expert is stored on the Ethereum blockchain and public to everyone.


All data gets stored directly on the blockchain without relying and trusting any centralized systems that could cheat, get breached, or disappear.


Once predictions get stored, they cannot be altered in any way to prevent cheating.


No single point of failure - making the Reputation Ledger reliable and resilient to hacking.

Why Amulet is Different

We have a real product.

There have been a lot of projects promising to bring insights to crytpo investors. Although many of these companies have impressive whitepapers and are well-funded, not a lot of tech has actually been released to the public. For most crypto investors, nothing has changed in the last 12 months. They still have to rely on information from dubious experts to make their investment decisions.

We've started with the tech first. As big evangelists of crypto, we hope to start a new trend where companies release a real product before distributing tokens. By real product, we don't mean a video demo or an alpha with test data, we mean a real functional system that people can use. This not only demonstrates that your vision is feasible and your team can execute on it, but allows users to see whether the product is compelling.